Heidi Meyer

I’m a junior industrial designer. Here are some examples of my work.


cAfy is a health monitoring system for everyone. It is based on a three-level system that takes into account all people with or without needs of care, as well as their relatives.

It is a system that not only reacts quickly in emergencies, but also monitors the physical and mental health of the individual at all times. cAfy is timeless, soft and universally designed to provide comfort and security.

The current product catalogue consists of a smartwatch with charging stations, a room sensor and an app to view the collected data.


SKORE represents a product family, which is visually recognizable and cohesive in itself. This set focuses on function and handling.

The products are aimed at people with little space and a small budget, who value functional design.


doup's design started directly as a model building project in the workshop.

The alarm clock also functions as a radio and night light. Due to the extremely round design the user experience gets emphasized.

Bluetooth Adapter


This Bluetooth adapter was my first customer project at the beginning of my career. Here I was tasked with designing and supervising the implementation of the housing.

The challenge was to design a compact housing that completely encloses the technical components while still ensuring the operability and functionality of the knurled screws.

Display Casing


This display housing can be positioned flexibly, making it easily integratable into any workplace. For this purpose, the technical components first had to be positioned accordingly in order to design an enclosure that would allow the desired angles.

In this project cost-efficient production was one of the biggest challenges, alongside minimizing the use of materials and parts.

About Me


Due to my fundamental interest in physics and technical design, my first professional experience led me to OXXID GmbH, a small design agency in Munich. Already during my bachelor's degree in integrated product design, I started working there, which gave me the opportunity to not only get to know essential software, but could also test my skills offsite the digital world in the in-house workshop.

My current specialty is in parametric design of technical products, but I would like to further develop my other skills or even create new ones. That’s why after 1,5 years at OXXID GmbH it is time for a new adventure in the industrial design universe.

If I sparked your interest, please contact me by email at heidimeyer.design@gmail.com.